Our church history begins with a 13 year old boy who convinced a Lutheran pastor in Wausau to help him grow in faith. In time, families in Mosinee started gathering to hear the Word of God and experience God’s grace in Holy Communion.

125 years later, we are still a community shaped by God’s presence and unfailing love. Through Jesus’ preaching and healing, in his living, dying, and rising, we are transformed. We are drawn out of fear into freedom, out of isolation into community, out of self-centeredness into service. When we fall, because we all do, we rely on God’s unconditional love.

Today we are conservatives and progressives, singles and couples, young and old. We are teachers and students, builders and artists, truck drivers and business people. We are healthy and hurting, faithful and questioning, courageous and doubting. And God loves every last one of us, not because we are incredible people, not because we’ve earned it or deserve it, but because we are part of God’s family. We strive to share that love with our neighbors next door and our neighbors around the world.

If you are looking for a community to embrace you just as you are, to be comforable with your questions, to celebrate your gifts, to walk with you on your journey, and to share with you what we receive as gift, then, come and see that God is good.

A Community of Hope ~
A Table of Welcome ~
A Place for You.

Our Core Values

Spirituality – We nurture our relationship with God.
Community – We nurture our relationships with each other.
Mission – We reach out to all people.
Caring/Helping/Loving – We act with compassion toward all.
Action – We act on our core values to do God’s work in the world.

Our Guiding Principles
We are a Christ-centered community.
We study, learn, and grow in faith.
We live and share God’s Word.
All are called to use their gifts in service to God and others.
All are welcome.